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I've created myself a Xcode 5 workspace and added 2 projects into it. The first project is a Mac OS X Cocoa Application and the second is an External Build System.

When creating the projects I checked the option so it would create a git repository for each. Then, I've tried looking at the menu item Source Control and every sub item was grayed out except Check Out ... which is not what I want to do. I wish to add the files to the repo.

How can use source control in Xcode 5 with a workspace?

Edit: I've tried to create the projects without the git source control option and creating the git repositories manually from the Terminal. Sadly, Xcode is not detecting them.

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Finally, I've found a solution to my problem.

I created the workspace with the projects inside without any source control options. Then, I manually created a single git repo inside my source folder by doing the following in the Terminal.

cd /path-to-my-source-code/.git
git init
git add . 

After, I added a .gitignore file inside the .git folder as suggested in http://stackoverflow.com/a/12021580/209824.

The final step was to restart Xcode.

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