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I've currently got the Fancybox overlay opening inside my #main div as desired, rather than the default behavior of opening inside body element.

I did this as suggested in several stackoverflow threads, by changing the jquery.fancybox.js script in this line:

this.overlay = $('<div class="fancybox-overlay"></div>').appendTo( parent && parent.length ? parent : 'body' );

to this:

this.overlay = $('<div class="fancybox-overlay"></div>').appendTo( parent && parent.length ? parent : '#main' );

This works for positioning the overlay.

I want Fancybox to then center all popup content within that overlay. However, the first Fancybox content that opens does not center within the overlay, but rather within body - this unexpected behavior sometimes puts fancybox content partly outside the overlay. Subsequent fancybox elements do center within the overlay - it is only the first loaded element that centers on body.

Obviously, Fancybox goes to quite a bit of trouble to calculate viewport dimensions and make it possible center its content within the body element, but in this case I want all elements centered within my target #main div, within the .fancybox-overlay.

Edit - changed "parent.lenth", a typo in the original jquery.fancybox.js file, to "parent.length" - as pointed out by djehrame below. Behavior persists unfortuntately.

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Are you sure it's not just a typo? parent.lenth should be parent.length –  djehrame Mar 3 at 1:19
Thanks - unfortunately correcting that typo does not change the behavior. But you're right, and that typo is even in the original jquery.fancybox.js file I just downloaded. –  nimmolo Mar 3 at 1:30
To be clearer, the overlay does position properly. It's the content within that is incorrectly positioned. I'm not sure but I believe Fancybox calculates content position from overlay position, though, since content positioning works as expected on subsequent elements. –  nimmolo Mar 3 at 1:36
link Click "options" on this example to see the fancybox –  nimmolo Mar 3 at 1:45
have you tried the parent API option? Check this stackoverflow.com/a/19689842/1055987, specially No. 2 –  JFK Mar 3 at 7:22

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