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I'm trying ffmpeg to convert sequence of images to a single video, but nothing happened and no any error message is shown. Below is the shell command I've used (invoked via PHP's shell_exec):

ffmpeg -i events/dream_theatre.jpg events/output.avi &

I just want to test first with single image and trying this in shared hosting server. No error message or any message is shown with this. I've a root access to server machine.

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You should get your ffmpeg command working first, then attempt to use in with PHP. Your command shows a single image for input, but you mention that you're trying create a video from a sequence of images. How many images are there and are they all named similarly? –  LordNeckbeard Mar 3 at 6:05
As you've written that you don't see any error message, reporting most likely starts with -loglevel verbose or -loglevel debug. You find these and more explained with the ffmpeg usage instructions which you should read before wondering: ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html –  hakre Mar 3 at 16:15

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