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I recently finished my first android game using Unity 3D and C#.

I noticed that whenever the game is running and my phone gets a notification (I am using a samsung galaxy core phone) the game slows down, skips a couple of frames and continues working. This frame skip breaks the gameplay and I need to address this thing right away.

Any ideas why this is and how I should avoid it? I have been using Time.deltaTime whenever I needed to make position changes and I am using the Unity built in physics engine.

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You should use FixedUpdate instead of Update when dealing with physics. This way, your physics won't be affected by the performance of the machine.

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But isn't that why you should use Time.deltatime? Isn't that the same thing? – FranLesko Mar 3 '14 at 5:36
Hmm if you are dropping some frames and that's affecting your physics it can mean that your physics doesn't rely solely on Time.deltaTime, or that Time.deltaTime is not reliable in those "out of operating envelope" situations. I don't know, I've seen this Update usage in the documentation examples and I've seen people with the same problem as you, and they got it working when changed to FixedUpdate. – Roberto Mar 3 '14 at 11:12
And for more info on "it can mean that your physics doesn't rely solely on Time.deltaTime" and also to know more about FixedUpdate runs with Update, take a look at… – Roberto Mar 3 '14 at 11:29

This is something I have noticed while developing on lower-end devices. Every time the phone starts doing something else on the background than running the game e.g fetching emails or updating software it does a FPS hiccup.

I found no solution for this, except for making the game run more optimized overall to minimize the FPS valley.

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