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Is there a way to automatic accept host keys while making a SSH connection with WinSCP. I am using winscp.com version 4.2. I understand that -hostkey=* is only available since version 5.2.

My current script just waits for the prompt and does not go forward once the host keys are changes. Is there any way to automate?

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It only does this once per machine correct? It should then store the hostkey in the cache and then if it ever changes it'll ask you to accept it again. It's a security feature to prevent you from being redirected to a different machine. –  d3c0y Mar 3 '14 at 3:37

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The only appropriate solution for you is to upgrade. WinSCP 4.2 is 4 years old and as such it suffers many security flaws.

And obviously, as a side effect, you get the -hostkey=* "feature".

The only way to automatically accept host key in versions prior to 5.2 is to use -hostkey=<fingerprint>. And that's still the only CORRECT and SECURE solution.

For details, see:

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