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I have created LINQ to SQL Class and trying to insert one record in application but unable to save record in database table in window application

Table Name : Test

I have two column in table

1) TID Type INT , Primary Key , Identity column 2) Title Type Varchar(50)

I have written below code to save new record in to table, Code running successfully without any error but record not store into application

My code is

 DataClasses1DataContext db = new DataClasses1DataContext();
        Test t = new Test();
        t.Title = "Abhishek";

please help me to resolve this problem

Thanks, Abhishek

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The error you get is there for a reason! post it! –  Nick Craver Feb 6 '10 at 16:56

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Your code looks fine. But, just before calling SubmitChanges, take a look at db.GetChangeSet() and see if there are any pending inserts. There should be one. If there is one, take a look at the db.Log output and see what is getting sent to SQL Server.

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