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i'm newbee in a Rails, so want make a gist for newst gems on github: https://gist.github.com/r72cccp/9318206

My problem is a 'magic' (for me) behavior of puma server. When i start it on capistrono or locally, with:

bundle exec rails s 


bundle exec puma

i see the log (at the end): [user@] executing command

  ** [out :: user@] Puma starting in single mode...
  ** [out :: user@] * Version 2.8.0 (ruby 2.1.0-p-1), codename: Sir Edmund Percival Hillary
  ** [out :: user@] * Min threads: 8, max threads: 32
  ** [out :: user@] * Environment: production
  ** [out :: user@]
  command finished in 1547ms

But, server not started and no one of sockets ot pids files created. Can you explain me, were my gist is wrong and why? or Can you help me to find a log file of puma server start process?

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