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I am working on a script for illustrator CS5 for placing the file name next to each linked item. I initially wrote the script in CS4 and it worked flawlessly however when I run it in CS5 selecting all linked items on the artboard seems to cause the files names to not exist. I can run the script with 5 out of 6 linked files and it runs just fine, like wise I can run the script with 1 or more and again it works flawlessly. The issues comes when I select all 6 linked files. When I do this the script seems to not work at all. Below is the code I am working with.

var idoc = app.activeDocument;
sel = idoc.selection; 

if (sel.length>0) {

    for (i=0 ; i<sel.length ; i++ ) {
        if (sel[i].typename == "PlacedItem") {
            var txt = idoc.textFrames.add();
            txt.contents = idoc.selection[i].file.name; 
            txt.position = [idoc.selection[i].geometricBounds[0]+25,
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