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When i upgrade my site with help of


then it show fully upgradation process but after that my site home link is shown in mysite/jupgrade and administrator link is open in mysite/jupgrade/admin

how to solve this to get my upgrade site on only mysite link and my site admin link on mysite/admin.

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You just need to move all the files and folder inside jupgrade to the root of the site and before doing that Please take backup of all the files on the root first than move the file. Hope this works for you.

If you don't have the access of the files than you can use following extension to managing your file. Here the link for file manager extension which I used to managing the file from admin panel.


Just download it and than move your files and folders.Good Luck.

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Sir i have no access of files and folders i am doing it at online site, can i do this frm admin panel of joomla? –  swap-nil Mar 3 at 6:01
@swap-nil check my updated answer. –  Toretto Mar 3 at 6:10
i am going to do that , thank you sir. –  swap-nil Mar 3 at 6:14
thanks a lot sir... –  swap-nil Mar 3 at 15:13
Your welcome :) –  Toretto Mar 3 at 18:33

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