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Following is output in console:-

10:51:01 Auto Build of configuration Default for project OpenCV Tutorial 3 - Add Native OpenCV
"Compile++ x86  : native_sample <= jni_part.cpp
SharedLibrary  :
Install        : => libs/x86/
10:51:09 Build Finished (took 7s.349ms)

i have integrated opencv with android and my project build successfully but when i run my project on emulator the project force stopped and there is an error of

cannot load native_sample library

here is the code

private BaseLoaderCallback mLoaderCallback = new BaseLoaderCallback(this) {
        public void onManagerConnected(int status) {
            switch (status) {
            case LoaderCallbackInterface.SUCCESS: {
                Log.i(TAG, "OpenCV loaded successfully");

                // Load native library after(!) OpenCV initialization


i have also included manualy this lib.

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Have you inserted the line LOCAL_MODULE:= native_sample in your file? – Darshan Mar 3 '14 at 10:26 is included in file. – user3373676 Mar 6 '14 at 18:09

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