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i read on a website that BIOS is stored in ROM. but then the BIOS setup does provide us the option of choosing the boot priority (i.e. boot from CD,hard drive,etc.). my question is how does the bios "remember" the boot priority once changed by the user? where does it store the choice for boot priority that is entered by the user? it couldn't possibly use the hard drive, and since it(BIOS) is on the ROM, the program too cannot be altered. thanx in advance !

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It stores it's settings in CMOS which is powered by the battery that is built in on motherboards.

See this wikipedia article for a run-down (no I see no reason to write all of that into my answer)


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Note that on most newer UEFI-based BIOSes, the CMOS settings are stored in a sector on the flash chip. The CMOS battery is only used for date/time then. –  msemack Mar 5 at 14:23
Yeah that's a good addition to my answer. =) –  Sedrik Mar 6 at 7:21

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