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in shopping cart web page i have this list view to show items in cart:

 <asp:ListView ID="List" runat="server" DataKeyNames="ID">

          <table class="tbl">
                      <td class="one">
                        <h4><%# Eval("ID")%></h4>
                      <td class="two">
                         <h4><%# Eval("Name")%></h4>
                      <td class="fone"><%# Eval("Total")%></td>

                          <asp:DropDownList runat="server" CssClass='drop' SelectedValue='<%# Eval("Qty")%>'>
                          <asp:ListItem value="1">1</asp:ListItem>
                          <asp:ListItem value="2">2</asp:ListItem>
                          <asp:ListItem value="3">3</asp:ListItem>
                          <asp:ListItem value="4">4</asp:ListItem>

                      <td class="ffour"><%# Eval("Price")%></td>


items retrieve from cookie .when user add item to cart, item added to this listview . i have written jquery code to, when user change quantity of one item , totalprice automatically has been changed .

 $('.drop').on('change', function () {
               var tr = $(this).closest('tr');
               var price = $(tr).find('.ffour').html();
               $(tr).find('.fone').html(price * $(this).val());

how to do when user change quantity , qty in cookie changes too?for example , when user change quantity of first row from 1 to 2 , in website cookie , qty changes from 1 to 2 .

name of cookie is 'SiteCookie' . and has Qty for quantity of products.

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please show where u have used cookies? –  The Dictator Mar 3 '14 at 6:27
in asp.net code-behind i read cookie with HttpCookie currentCookie = Request.Cookies["SiteCookie"]; –  Amin Soroush Mar 3 '14 at 6:52
then load products in cookie to ArrayList , and then fill Listview with ArrayList . All things is good and work , but when user change quantity of one product for example 1 to 2 , i want to store this changes to cookie . how? –  Amin Soroush Mar 3 '14 at 6:55
Instead of that u can take cookies in jqueries as well .. and i think that will be useful in your case –  The Dictator Mar 3 '14 at 7:20
possible duplicate of change quantity of item in shopping cart –  Liam Mar 4 '14 at 11:37

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First of all Take this js for Cookies and then

       $('.drop').on('change', function () {
           var price = $(tr).find('.ffour').html();
           $(tr).find('.fone').html(price * $.cookie("qty"));

On page load as well u can call cookie... if cookie has value then perform this

      $(tr).find('.fone').html(price * $.cookie("qty"));
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i don't know jquery , can you fill my code? –  Amin Soroush Mar 3 '14 at 9:20
for which code u r talking abt?? @user3234297 –  The Dictator Mar 3 '14 at 9:58
can you invite me to chat? i explain what i want. –  Amin Soroush Mar 3 '14 at 10:36
yah sure.. come over this group @user3234297 –  The Dictator Mar 3 '14 at 10:38

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