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I am working on grails and I am new to it. I need to login using sql query in grails. Please help me. Here is my view page, controller and domain class.


        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
        <meta name="layout"content="main"/>
        <g:set var="entityName" value="ProjectTracker Login" />
        <title><g:message code="projectTracker login" args="[entityName]" /></title>

        <div class="nav" role="navigation">
            <li><a class="home" href="${createLink(uri:"/")}"></a></li>
            <li><g:link class="list" action="logout">Logout</g:link></li> 
        <div id="create-endUser" class="content scaffold-create" role="main">

                <g:form action="authenticate" >
                    <fieldset class="form">
                        <div class="fieldcontain ${hasErrors(bean: endUserInstance, field: 'userName', 'error')} ">
                            <label for="userName">
                                <g:message code="endUser.userName.label" default="User Name" />

                            <g:textField name="userName" value="${endUserInstance?.userName}"/>

                        <div class="fieldcontain ${hasErrors(bean: endUserInstance, field: 'password', 'error')} ">
                            <label for="password">
                                <g:message code="endUser.password.label" default="Password" />

                            <g:field type="password" name="password" value="${endUserInstance?.password}"/>
                    <fieldset class="buttons">
                        <g:submitButton name="login" class="save" value="Login" />

my domain class


class Testuser {

     String userName
        String password
        String fullName
        String toString(){
    static constraints = {

my controller is


import groovy.sql.*
   def index()
 def login={ }
     def authenticate={

     def username_log = parmas.userName
     def password_log = parmas.password
        def results 
         Sql sql = new Sql(dataSource)
        def joining = sql.rows("SELECT user_name,password from user where user_name=username_log and password=password_log")
             results << it.toRowResult()
          if (joining != null) {
            results = sql.eachRow()
        else {

this is my code for simple login using sql query and I am getting error like

No such property: parmas for class: login.test.TestuserController Possible solutions: params
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It's params not parmas. The error message literally tells you exactly this. –  codelark Mar 3 at 6:35
I know this isn't the question, but please read a book on clean code like Bob Martin's Clean Code. There are just so many issues with this code. Why name the variables username_log' and password_log? Why the inconsistency between username` and params.userName? Why is there no space between def login = { } but two lines after def authenticate = {? Why do you assign sql.eachRow() to results and never use it? Why do you mix curly braces on a new line with curly braces on the same line? Take some pride in your code. –  grantmcconnaughey Mar 3 at 22:10

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It's not parmas but params.

You want to implement login without using spring security ?

By the way the SQL query should be like this

"SELECT user_name,password from user where user_name=$username_log and password=$password_log"

You forgot $

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okie.I did so.i need to pass sql query and not the grails default querying method.Just like the method we use in struts framework –  user1776641 Mar 3 at 6:53
please help to solve this issue –  user1776641 Mar 3 at 7:42
@user1776641 use a security plugin –  tim_yates Mar 3 at 8:51
now i passed the sql query in the correct manner as you said.Again an exception is araising.The error is groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException. Line | Method ->> 16 | doCall in TestuserController.groovy - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | 200 | doFilter in PageFragmentCachingFilter.java | 63 | doFilter in AbstractFilter.java | 1110 | runWorker in java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor | 603 | run . . . in java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker ^ 722 | run in java.lang.Thread...please help me. –  user1776641 Mar 3 at 11:33
You need to escape your SQL to avoid SQL injection: def joining = sql.rows("SELECT user_name, password from user where user_name = ? and password = ?", [username_log, password_log]). –  grantmcconnaughey Mar 3 at 22:06

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