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I am trying to get pinchzoom effect using hammer.js when download it. It is not working could any one say what is the mistake in the code.

Visit [<http://jsfiddle.net/wNfc9/10/>][1]

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What devices are you testing in/targeting? –  Jack Pattishall Mar 3 at 7:00
androind and ios both –  Mustafa.B Mar 3 at 7:17
Tested on iOS and it worked (the pinch/zoom). What specifically is not working for you? One thing I recommend is testing with the shell: fiddle.jshell.net/wNfc9/10/show/light –  Jack Pattishall Mar 3 at 7:26
Hey Jack this is working. Now what happens when i add tap event on which a popup is to be opened, pinch and tap event are not working simultaneously. working example : jsfiddle.net/wZX79 –  Mustafa.B Mar 4 at 9:48

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