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Is there a command in MySQL that returns the read-to-write ratio of queries so that I'm able to know on what MySQL spends time, and whether the load would lower significantly by splitting data over two servers?

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You can use the "show status" and check the "Com_%" variables for read/write ratios.

As for splitting the data, you'll have to check the slow query log (Google mysqlsla) and find out if those queries are amicable to being split.

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Thanks for the information. – Gulbahar Feb 8 '10 at 15:03,328920,337142#msg-337142

"SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE 'Com%'. This will give overall counts (since last restart) of each statement type. This will not necessarily tell you whether you are mostly SELECT-bound versus write-bound. You might have a small number in Com_select, but the selects are terribly slow. "

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This SQL command will give you an indication as to the read/write ratio:

SHOW GLOBAL STATUS WHERE Variable_name = 'Com_insert'
OR Variable_name = 'Com_update'
OR Variable_name = 'Com_select'
OR Variable_name = 'Com_delete';
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