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I mounted a directory using nfs. I am able to cd into the mounted directory and able to list the one file in the directory. But when I try a ls -li on the file, it keeps failing with ls: rst_dst/testnew1: Permission denied.

I tried to chmod the file but it keeps failing with chmod: failed to get attributes of 'rst_dst/testnew1': Permission denied. Even the stat command keeps failing with 'Unable to stat the file'. I tried a sudo ls/chmod but it fails with the same errors.

I am able to chmod the file on the actual machine hosting the directory. But unable to read/write/modidy the permissions through the mounted directory.

Am I missing something?

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On hosting machine check file /etc/exports which permissions you allow.

On guest machine check your mount command or line in /etc/fstab with which permissions you are mounting it.

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