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In angularjs,I want to get the value of the hidden input. such as the following:

<input type="hidden" name="captId" value="AqXpRshs9QHfxUbOWqMT" ng-model="captId">

How to get the "hidden input" value "AqXpRshs9QHfxUbOWqMT" by using angularjs,not ajax or jquery.

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"not ajax" o.k.... –  gdoron Mar 3 at 7:21
document.getElementById("captId").value –  gdoron Mar 3 at 7:24
it's far better using an input type text with display:none –  Whisher Mar 3 at 8:05
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That depends on where it lives and where you want to access it from.

One way would be to get it directly:

// or dont use angular at all

Documentation for angular.element

The other way would be to init the value so it binds that to your model variable as well.

<input type="hidden" name="captId" ng-init="captId='AqXpRshs9QHfxUbOWqMT'" ng-model="captId">
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the second way you mention is much better –  Pascal Le Merrer Mar 3 at 7:27
@PascalLeMerrer agreed, I think if op was to use the first method he/she might find that the value is set to an empty string because it would be overwritten with the captID value which is likely blank. –  ug_ Mar 3 at 7:31
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