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The FriendSmash sample is kind of hard to follow and i was wondering if anybody had just a simple way to retrieve these using the Unity Facebook SDK?

Im pretty sure i have to use the QueryScores and ScoresCallback methods. Not sure how though.

Basically i need a way to iterate through the list of friends and retrieve each of their names, scores, and profile pictures.

Thank you!

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The graph explorer is a great way to explore and see how you can fetch names, scores and profiles: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/

The commands you put in there would be the same ones that goes into FB.API(). The JSON response should also be the same.

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Im not having trouble with the HTML GET. I need help getting the data out. I dont know how to iterate through the list of objects and obtain specific information per a friend and store it in each label. –  Red Titan Mar 4 at 4:53
The data you get back is a JSON string. You just need a JSON deserializer to turn it into a dictionary or object and iterate over that. –  Brian Jew Mar 4 at 19:55
Thanks a lot! i completely missed this method! private int getScoreFromEntry(object obj) { Dictionary<string,object> entry = (Dictionary<string,object>) obj; return Convert.ToInt32(entry["score"]); } –  Red Titan Mar 6 at 7:29

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