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I Use Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and try open "project property pages".

I need open the Properties of the project, go to Configuration Properties → General → Platform Toolset. Here switch to any older version of the toolset: Visual Studio 2012 (v110xp), or any other choice.

This window should look like this:

| "Configuration Properties" -|General -|Debugging -|VC++ Directories -|C/C++ --|General --|Optimization --|Preprocessor --|Code Generator --|Language --|Precomplied Header --|Output files --|Browse information --|Advanced --|All option --|Command Line -|Linker ...

But my version looks like this: "project property pages

-|Application -|Build -|Build events -|Debug -|Resourses -|Services -|Settings -|Reference Path -|Signing -|Security -|Publish -|Code Analysis

How do I get to the window?

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did you try my answer ? – Xaruth Mar 6 '14 at 9:28

I think it's a bug on VS2012, it always do this to me.

You must use older toolset (or install vs2013).

As you can't change it in VS2012 (property doesn't available), you must change manually project file. Open vcxproj file in a text editor, and change all occurences of




Then save and reopen the project in VS2012

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Thanks Xaruth! Your advice helped me to run the application in the environment Windows Server 2003. – lawconsul Mar 11 '14 at 5:05
But also tried to get here before the project settings; for this was set VS Ultimate 2013. My version "project property pages" looks like in VS Ultimate 2012: -|Application -|Build -|Build events -|Debug -|Resourses -|Services -|Settings -|Reference Path -|Signing -|Security -|Publish -|Code Analysis – lawconsul Mar 11 '14 at 5:17
I don't even have a platform toolset section – Jake Gaston Oct 19 '15 at 0:17

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