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i have some question about programing on iphone

  1. what OS the iphone have ?

  2. what the language for programing on iphone ?

  3. what compiler i need ?

  4. is there Visual-studio tool for this ? (i'am C# programmer ) ?

thank's in advance

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To program on the iphone you will need a newer mac with xcode. the language is objective-c. No, there is no visual studio extension for iphone programming.

monotouch ( http://monotouch.net/ ) can be used to developer for the iphone in C#, but it's not free.

more resources can be found at the developer website http://developer.apple.com/

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does monotouch use a code transformations engine ? –  Hassan Syed Feb 6 '10 at 19:20

4: Not (yet?) for Visual Studio, but you can use MonoTouch from Novell to create iPhone applications in C#. They will be compiled into native iPhone code. I think you won't even need a Mac for this.

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on the monotouch page this is at the bottom "Please note that MonoTouch requires a Mac, Apple's iPhone SDK and you must be part of Apple's iPhone Developer Program to test and deploy your software on a device and to redistribute your code." –  John Boker Feb 6 '10 at 19:32
  1. iPhone OS, a varient of Mac OS X which, in turn, is a varient of BSD Unix
  2. Objective-C, a superset of C with object oriented constructs added.
  3. Xcode on an intel based Mac
  4. No
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