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I have django-cms-pagetags with django-tagging. I want display count the same tags with link to template where I display all pages with this tagg from Django-Cms. I only find something this in django-tagging:

To get a count of how many times each tag was used for a particular model, pass in True for the counts argument:

>>> tags = Tag.objects.usage_for_model(Widget, counts=True)
>>> [(tag.name, tag.count) for tag in tags]
[('cheese', 1), ('house', 2), ('thing', 1), ('toast', 1)]

My code for display page in template:

    {% for c in current_page.get_children %}
                    <div class="cbp-pgcontent">
                        <div class="cbp-pgitem">
                            <div class="cbp-pgitem-flip">
                                <a href="{{ c.get_absolute_url }}" title="">
                                    {% if c.get_first_image %}
                                        <img src="{% thumbnail c.first_image 340x230 crop="smart" %}"{% if c.first_image.alt %} alt="{{ c.first_image.alt }}"{% endif %} />
                                    {% endif %}

                    <div class="cbp-pginfo">
                        <div class="shadow"></div>
                        <a href="{{ c.get_absolute_url }}" title="" class="title"><h3>{{ c.get_menu_title }}</h3></a>
                        <a href="{{ c.get_absolute_url }}" title="" >&#8594;</a>

              {% endfor %}

How i do this.. I don't understand documentation django-cms-pagetags.. Please help me :/

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