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I have implement the Multiple Language using the Language Helper.I am loading the helper on drop-down change, means when user select any language then I load library according then. My problem is that if no language file found then it shows error

Unable to load the requested language file: language/abc/abc_lang.php

I want that if no file found then Simple English select. So I try this code but getting same error

$language = $_POST['language'];

if(($this->lang->load($language,$language)) == 1){


Anyone can tell me how to solve it.

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It might be worth just doing a simple empty($_POST['language']) check on that value and setting a default value for if 1 as not been set. You could do something like $language = (! empty($_POST['language'])) ? $_POST['language'] : 'default-language';` to make it easier to read –  mic Mar 3 at 11:19

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Error message is triggered by your attempt to load a non-existing language file in your conditional statement. I would recommend you checking if the language file exists before trying to load it:

if (file_exists(APPPATH."language/".$expectedLanguage."/".$expectedFile)) {
    $this->lang->load($expectedFile, $expectedLanguage);
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You have to ensure that, how many option you have in drop-down that number of lang file you have to create on languages folder. then it will get its expected lang file as per you change from drop-down and not show error.

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