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I am developing an app which would need to have files pushed to its local store for its consumption. Is it possible to transfer files from a PC to a windows phone app local folder or say one of the Special-use folders in the local folder such as Shared/Media from a desktop application in a wired or wireless manner ? Are there any size restrictions as to the maximum data a local folder could contain for transfers done this way ?

On further research on WP8 storage i got to know about isolated storage explorer and i envision the desktop client to be similar to isolated storage explorer but customized and simplified only for the app is that possible ? meanwhile let me search more.

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Yes - it does seem like it is possible. You can use the Isolated Storage Explorer in WP8.

Look at the Replacing files in the local folder in the following article on how to move files between your computer and your phone:

How to use the Isolated Storage Explorer tool for Windows Phone

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AFAIK You can’t view isolated storage for apps that you’ve installed from the Windows Phone Store, what i want is something similar for an app installed from the store and a very app specific storage explorer client would be ok, meaning the app should be enabled to talk to the desktop client –  Abhilash Mar 4 '14 at 5:46
OK i understand now. I don't think that is possible outside of the app. –  Ken Cenerelli Mar 6 '14 at 11:36

Eventually i ended up using socket programming to solve this, Stephen Cleary's blog post here helped a lot to brush up the basics

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