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I'm learing javascript. But i have a problem when i use setInterval function with alert function.
I use SetInterval to run a function every one second but when i call alert, the function run by setInterval is stopped. This is my code. How I can fix it?

<div id="sec"></div>
<div id="show-alert" onClick="return show()" style="cursor:pointer">Show alert</div>
    var i=0;
function ascsec(){
function show()
     alert('Hi! This is problem. The sec is not ascending');   
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Simply don't use an alert but an HTML dialog. You'll find many examples of simple HTML dialog using Google. –  dystroy Mar 3 at 10:09

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When the alert() function is called, JS process is interupted by the browser. Therefor you shold use a html-dialog, like @dystroy suggested.

I prefer the jQuery UI Dialog, which is easy to implement. You can define callbacks for buttons, title of the dialog, etc. observe ;)

Here the Link to the API documentation

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