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I created a search form

In the view

echo $this->Form->create('News');
echo $this->Form->input('title');
echo $this->Form->select('status',array('1'=>"Hidden",'2'=>"Display"));
echo $this->Form->end('Find');

In the controller

if($this->request->is("post")) {
    $s_selected = $this->request->data['frm']['status'];
    $this->passedArgs["status"] = $this->request->data['frm']['status'];
if(isset($this->passedArgs["status"])) {
    $cond = array('News.status'=>$s_selected);
$this->Paginator->settings = array("conditions"=>$cond,'limit'=>3);
$this->set('news', $this->Paginator->paginate("News"));


 $this->Paginator->options(array('url' => $this->passedArgs));
echo $this->Paginator->prev('< ' . __('previous'), array(), null, array('class' => 'prev disabled'));
        echo $this->Paginator->numbers(array('separator' => ''));
        echo $this->Paginator->next(__('next') . ' >', array(), null, array('class' => 'next disabled'));

when i find a keyword or change status, link of paginate as:


but it gives an error because of "/status:1/title:xxxxx"

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You need to put your conditions in the url or session - you shouldn't paginate post requests as if you click a link there is no post data. this may help you. –  AD7six Mar 3 at 10:15
Hi, try to use the Search Plugin of CakeDC. –  José Ayrám Mar 3 at 13:46

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