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I have a FAQ on my website. The questions are in a json file, but I want some extra info (like the title of the faq) also in the json file. My json file looks like this:

    "titel": "FAQ title",
    "items": [
            "question": "Question 1",
            "answer": "Answer 1"
            "question": "Question 2",
            "answer": "Answer 2"

Collection extend code:

Faq.Collection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: Faq.Model,
    url: '/scripts/json/faq.json',
    parse: function(response){
        return response.items;

The items are parsed, because this is for the render loop. But how can I show the title on the page?

This is the render function:

render: function() {
        this.el.innerHTML = this.template({
            titel: 'Helpdesk'


        this.collection.each(function( faqitem ) {
            var faqItemView = new Faq.Views.ModelView({ model: faqitem });

            this.$el.find('.faq').append( faqItemView.render().el );
        }, this);

        return this;

I want to put the title from the json file at the place where 'Helpdesk' is.

I hope I'm clear enough

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First change your parse function like this :

parse: function(response){
    this.title = response.title;
    return response.items;

and then in your render function :

this.el.innerHTML = this.template({
    titel: this.collection.title // pay attention to the titel not being title :)
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