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I am trying to crawl a website's URLs of the format www.website.com/a/variant-b/variant-c --> I am assuming that the directory www.website.com/a/ is the subdirectory I require to crawl using wget.

However, I get a 404 not found error if I crawl the directory www.website.com/a/ recursively. This is the command I use:

wget --wait 15 --recursive --random-wait --load-cookies=cookies.txt --no-parent www.website.com/a/

But I am sure that if I use wget to crawl patterns directly of the form www.website.com/a/variant-b/variant-c, I am able to successfully get content.

Please help.

NOTE: I see this in the website's robots.txt file:

Disallow: /a/\*/\*/next level

Does this mean that I wont be able to crawl sub-directory www.website.com/a ?

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