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I assembly my Maven project with solution based on this article. This is my plugin in build/plugins pom.xml section:


and this is a assembly.xml configuration file:


Now I would like to during assembly command to deploy created ZIP archive to my server via SCP/SFTP. I added these two build extensions:

            <!-- Enabling the use of FTP -->

and related <distributionManagement />. Maven successfully deploys JAR file but I need to deploy my ZIP achive file.

Question is - I would like to upload my ZIP archive to the server and execute there my SSH script that unzips the archive and set some execution privileges. How to do it with Maven?

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This means you have attached the created zip archive to your project which will be deployed (Maven sense) to the remote repository. The deployment onto a server (App / Unix server etc.) is not the intention of Maven. You can use things like wagon-maven-plugin plugin for this purpose but you leave the idea of Maven in this case. Deployment in Maven means to deploy to a remote repository (Maven). –  khmarbaise Mar 4 at 8:27

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