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I have a following firebird dataset:

ds1 : TpFIBDataset;

DFM file:

object ds1ID: TFIBIntegerField
 FieldName = 'ID'
object ds1FIELD_VALUE: TFIBStringField
  FieldName = 'FIELD_VALUE'
  Size = 250

In my Firebird database: ID is integer field and FIELD_VALUE is varchar field.

Delphi 7: Data is being inserted like this

ds1.InsertRecord([123, anyValue]);

here anyValue : variant;

If anyValue = null, null is getting inserted into the database which is the required functionality.

In Delphi XE4, I am doing same like this:

ds1.FieldByName('ID').AsInteger := 123;
ds1.FieldByName('FIELD_VALUE').AsString := anyValue;

I get error: could not convert variant of type (null) into type (OleStr)

When I try like this

ds1.FieldByName('ID').AsInteger := 123;
ds1.FieldByName('FIELD_VALUE').AsString := VarToStr(anyValue);

Empty string is inserted into the database, but I need null there. What and where should I make change to accomplish this task.

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Do not cast it AsString but use Value then. Or if that TpFIBDataset supports some setting which converts empty string to NULL, use that and try to keep AsString casting. –  TLama Mar 3 at 11:35
When you say, "I am doing same" that appears not to be true. Your D7 code does ds1.InsertRecord([123, anyValue]);. You don't do that in the XE4 code. –  David Heffernan Mar 3 at 11:35
@DavidHeffernan - By saying that, I mean I am trying to achieve same functionality but in Delphi XE4 way. Sorry for the creating the confusion. –  user1556433 Mar 3 at 11:36
@TLama - We can set EmptyStrToNull property of the field FIELD_VALUE in the dataset, but is not working at all. –  user1556433 Mar 3 at 11:43
ds1.FieldByName('FIELD_VALUE').Clear will set the value to NULL, I think –  David Heffernan Mar 3 at 11:43

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You need use

ds1.FieldByName('FIELD_VALUE').Value := anyValue;

instead of

ds1.FieldByName('FIELD_VALUE').AsString := anyValue;

There is some difference in this delphi versions. Starting from delphi2006 there is another memory manager that works more precise. In example in delphi 7 and lower you can assign NULL to string or integer value. And comparision NULL with 0 will return true. In greater versions you can't do this. Null is not equal 0 or empty string.

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It has nothing to do with memory manager. Also, are you sure you could ever assign NULL to integer value in Delphi ? I'm sure in Delphi 7 (about which is this question) above you can't. But now the worst, FieldByName returns a reference to a TField object and you're assigning a variant value to it. That won't end up with happy end. I'm not voting down but this answer is wrong. –  TLama Mar 4 at 12:45
Tnx a lot, I forgot about .Value. Now added it. –  Darthman Mar 5 at 6:36

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