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I am really struggling with the plots in R. I have to make a plot of logmx versus the age of males in different years in the same plot for males. In this plot there must be 4 lines for "1870-1879", "1940-1949", "1960-1969", "1980-1989" I made 4 differents subsets with these specific years and tried to combine them but I am new in R and I do not know what I am doing wrong. I saw lots of similar answers but I could not solve it.I need to make it with ggplot2 package.

males12<-males[4885:5995, 1:3]
males13<-males[9325:10435, 1:3]
males14<-males[13765:14653, 1:3] #for the subsets

d1 <- data.frame(males11$Age, log(males11$mx), males11$Year)
d2 <- data.frame(males12$Age, log(males12$mx), males12$Year)
d3 <- data.frame(males13$Age, log(males13$mx), males13$Year)
d4 <- data.frame(males14$Age, log(males14$mx), males14$Year)

+ geom_line(aes(males11$Age, log(males11$mx), colour=males11$Year), d1) +
geom_line(aes(males12$Age, log(males12$mx), colour=males12$Year), d2) +
geom_line(aes(males13$Age, log(males13$mx), colour=males13$Year), d3) +
geom_line(aes(males14$Age, log(males14$mx), colour=males14$Year), d4)

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Please supply the output of dput(head(males[,1:3], 10)) as an edit to your question. –  Thomas Mar 3 at 11:48
Please study the documentation. You shouldn't use $ within aes. Why don't you simply do ggplot(males[c(445:155, 4885:5995, 9325:10435, 13765:14653),], aes(x=Age, y= log(xm), colour=Year)) + geom_line()? –  Roland Mar 3 at 11:56
I understand your answer, thank you it worked. –  Sigh Mar 3 at 12:11
One more question. I made a mistake in the last limit.Is from 2000 to 2007 and it's not 10 years like the others. So, I have to write it seperately? Also, "aes(x=Age, y= log(xm)" Does this calculate the logarithm of each period? –  Sigh Mar 3 at 15:12

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You should build a factor in your original data frame and group by that, similar to this:

males$group <- cut(males$Year, 
                   breaks=seq(1799, 2099, 10), 
ggplot(males[males$group %in% c("(1869-1879]", "(1939-1949]", "(1959-1969]", "(1979-1989]"), ], 
       aes(Age, mx, colour=group)) + 
  geom_line() + 
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