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I'm trying to get the bar transition one by one in the horizontal stacked bar chart. But each bar is starting at the same time.

rects = groups.selectAll('stackedBar')
  .data(function(d,i) {
    console.log("data", d, i);
    return d;
    .attr('x', function(d) { return xScale(d.x0); })
    .attr('y', function(d, i) {return yScale(d.y); })
    .attr('height', function(d) { return yScale.rangeBand(); })
    .attr('width', 0)
      .delay(function(d, i){
        console.log('hi', d, i);
        return i * 500;
      .attr("width", function(d) { return xScale(d.x); })
      .attr("x", function(d) { return xScale(d.x0); })

How can i make it animate one by one? Thanks!


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You're almost there -- you need to use .delay() to achieve this, as you're doing already. The only problem is that you're using a nested selection (i.e. rects within gs) and the index you get is that of the inner selection. This is always 0 because there's only one rect per g.

To make it work, reference the secret third argument in a nested selection, which is the index within the data passed to the parent:

.delay(function(d,i,j){console.log('hi',d,j); return j*500;})

This will give you the index of the g element. Complete example here.

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