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I've made a program with a segmentation fault and i want to get the core dump file but it seems that the file is not on the current directory. I've read and follow these instructions: core dumped - but core file is not in current directory? but I'm still unable to get the core file.

I've tried this: ulimit -c unlimited and ulimit -S -c unlimited

I've also edited /etc/security/limits.conf the line: * soft core 10000 (it was 0 the default value)

And as my system runs apport so i've searched /var/crash and the file I wanted (that should've generated) was'nt in there...

More usefull information: $ cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern |/usr/share/apport/apport %p %s %c

So... What did i miss? I still don't get the core file after the segmentation fault or if i do i don't know where he is going to. I appreciate any help on this. I'm still a newbie! Thanks!

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That's the link i've put for the instructions i've followed. As i couldn't get help from there i didn't wanted to expose my case in a comment –  Blue Mar 3 at 12:07
After you run your ulimit commands, what core size limit is reported? –  mpez0 Mar 3 at 19:24
$ ulimit -a core file size (blocks, -c) unlimited And max memory size also unlimited. (Don't know if this last one helps) –  Blue Mar 4 at 0:25
Further information: When i had this issue i was on ubuntu 13.04 and i was having some errors doing the upgrade to 13.10. So I've done an upgrade through the live cd. After this, I still don't get the dump files. Any help? Thank you –  Blue Mar 29 at 19:16

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