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Will embedding HTML5 JS widgets (using canvas mainly) in random doctype non HTML5 pages work?

I read that serving XHTML5 does not require the HTML5 doctype but I'm not sure if its will actually work cross browsers.

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Did you spend a few minutes and try it out and see what happens? –  epascarello Mar 3 '14 at 14:33

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Clearly, if you want to include any widget in an XHTML5 page it must comply with the general requirements of XML and XHTML.

Given that, here's a test: http://www.alohci.net/application/xhtml+xml/canvas.xhtml

Every browser that supports application/xhtml+xml which is necessary for XHTML5, and also supports canvas will do so regardless of the doctype.

This is because the doctype in pages served as text/html is only used to determine which of quirks, almost standards, and standards mode the browser is to use. But pages served as application/xhtml+xml always select standards mode.

Example in linked page is taken from MDN: Basic usage of Canvas

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