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I've been working on a simple REST service that talks to a back-end through an API that has been delivered to me as a jar file. Together with the jar file, there is a JAAS configuration file in the folder conf/jaas.conf. The API handles all the authentication to the backend through JAAS. My service doesn't have to do anything except to use the API.

Working example

I'm having some issues getting my REST service to talk to this API and more specifically, it doesn't seem to be able to find the jaas.conf file.

Directory structure:


The API was delivered with some commands that show "how to use it":

java -cp api.jar;other.jar com.example.Test.

When running that from a commandline, the API returns the expected result from whatever magic is inside com.example.Test so I'm sure the API works once the paths are sorted out correctly.

The problem

I've been trying to get my service to run on my Tomcat 7 server. I keep getting an error that conf/jaas.conf can't be found or doesn't exist from java.lang.SecurityException and java.io.IOException. It then traces back to the line where I try to instantiate the API.

I've tried:

  • Embedding api.jar and other.jar in my war file through "deployment assembly" options. This means they end up in WEB-INF/lib/*.jar and WEB-INF/lib/conf/jaas.conf

  • Embedding only the jars and manually adding conf/jaas.conf to TOMCAT/conf/jaas.conf, TOMCAT/jaas.conf, TOMCAT/webapps/conf/jaas.conf, TOMCAT/webapps/MYAPP/conf/jaas.conf and TOMCAT/lib/conf/jaas.conf

  • Don't embed any jar and place all jars in TOMCAT/lib/*.jar and conf in TOMCAT/lib/conf/jaas.conf

  • Edit startup.bat like proposed here (http://stackoverflow.com/a/19907606/1068167)

A temp fix

Adding the conf/jaas.conf into the TOMCAT/bin/ folder seems to be a temp fix if I start Tomcat with startup.bat. I really would like a cleaner solution though.

So, if anyone have any experience in using an API that uses JAAS and how to embed/deploy an application that uses that API I'd be very glad to hear. I'm on a Windows machine.

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The code is likely searching for conf/jaas.conf on the classpath. Try putting conf/jaas.conf in some chosen directory and add that directory to the classpath in startup.bat or whatever script you are using. –  BGR Mar 3 at 16:00

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