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I have a Bluetooth GPS receiver RBT-2210/2200 BT GPS. This GPS doesn't need driver or API.

I'm developing a Java program with NetBeans which run on Windows (7,8,8.1). I'm using JDK7. In some point, I need to get the latitude and longitude from the GPS device.

It seems I have to use JSR 82 or bluecove API for handling the Bluetooth connection. But I can't find any code lines working.

I would love if someone tell me exactly:

  • the API I have to use (with links if possible)
  • and the explicit code to get the location from the GPS device

Lines code for:

  • connection
  • link the gps to the connection
  • starting device
  • retrieving the NMEA string from the GPS
  • if possible, how to parse the string NMEA

I may be a little greedy, sorry about that, I apologize for my English as well. if I forgot to mention something, don't hesitate to tell me what.

EDIT due to the comments: I know my Bluetooth device send NMEA message. And I know that some people succeed to get latitude and longitude from those message. But how you do it in a Java application running on Windows?

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bluetooth requires a driver which is not available for free. – user2173738 Mar 3 '14 at 13:36
You need to contact the device maker to find out the bluetooth messages it requires to respond to. – BrianC Mar 3 '14 at 14:15

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