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I have a UISegmentedControl in an XIB file. I have placed it within a UIBarButtonItem, which in turn is placed inside a UIToolBar. The problem I am having is that the UISegmentedControl is not responding to touches even though I have connected to an IBAction method. Any idea what might be the problem?

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I would check the following items:

  1. Right click the element to make sure the IBAction connected
  2. Make you don't have heavy operations on the main thread that may be causing the view to lag
  3. Make you don't a clear view over the UISegmentedControl
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Yes that was it. There was a transparent view in there. Thank you. :) –  Rameez Hussain Mar 3 at 14:23
@RameezHussain glad to help! Could accept the answer if it was your solution? –  coder Mar 3 at 14:33

Make certain that ".userInteractionEnabled" on your segmented control is set to "YES".

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