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i'm trying to use h265 encoder in ffmpeg library but give me this error:

Cannot open libx265 encoder.

this is my code:

    formatContext = avformat_alloc_context();
    videoStream = avformat_new_stream(formatContext,0);
    if(!videoStream ) {
    codecContext->codec_type = AVMEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO;
    codecContext->width = width;
    codecContext->height = height;
    codecContext->time_base.den = fps;
    codecContext->time_base.num = 1;
    codecContext->pix_fmt = AV_PIX_FMT_YUV420P;
    codecContext->codec_id = AV_CODEC_ID_HEVC;
    AVDictionary *param = 0;
    av_dict_set(&param, "x265-params", "qp=20", 0);
    av_dict_set(&param, "preset", "ultrafast", 0);
av_dict_set(&param, "tune", "zero-latency", 0);
    av_dict_set(&param, "qmin", "0", 0);
    av_dict_set(&param, "qmax", "69", 0);
    av_dict_set(&param, "qdiff", "4", 0);
    codec = avcodec_find_encoder(codecContext->codec_id);
    if (!codec) {
        //codec not found
    int rt = avcodec_open2(codecContext, codec, &param); // <----- fails here
    if (rt < 0) {
        // fails here!!

This code works for h264 encoder, anyone know why doesn't work with hevc?

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Did you build libx265? –  cahn Mar 4 at 3:43
no i'm using ffmpeg from here: ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds latest build –  luca Mar 4 at 8:19
Did you register the codec with avcodec_register? –  cahn Mar 5 at 1:05
yes, sorry if i don't write it before, because i register all in other function called before the code i've posted: av_register_all(); avcodec_register_all(); –  luca Mar 5 at 8:39
Did you download the shared build which contains avcodec-55.dll after 2/12? –  cahn Mar 5 at 10:03

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You must set for example :

codecContext->sample_aspect_ratio.num = 4; codecContext->sample_aspect_ratio.den = 3;

HEVC encoder work, but there is no video on the output !

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true, with your settings i can initialize well the codec, but now i get "Access violation reading ...". I don't know if i'm passing wrong data, but if i switch to h264 all works well... –  luca Apr 19 at 8:53
Did you download again ffmpeg from ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds ? –  user3387182 Apr 19 at 9:21
Or is your video aspect ratio is 4:3 or 16:9, if it is the second one you have to set : sample_aspect_ratio.num = 16; and sample_aspect_ratio.den = 9; –  user3387182 Apr 19 at 9:31
yes i've downloaded ffmpeg from zeranoe.com, my video is 4:3 (400:300) –  luca Apr 19 at 9:43
You "Access violation .." Come from a another thing, perhaps you try to get the packet before it finish to be encoded. –  user3387182 Apr 19 at 10:17

Hi, did you reach to open libx265 encoder ? I've had the same trouble and tried using AV_CODEC_ID_H265 instead. I've had the same trouble before with libx264 but i resolved it, by setting :

av_dict_set(&param, "profile", "high", 0);

It seems that something was missing in the codec configuration.

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in avcodec.h there is this #define AV_CODEC_ID_H265 AV_CODEC_ID_HEVC so can be used both, i've added your profile high before preset and tune but now i have: Undefined constant or missing '(' in 'high' Unable to parse option value "high" Error setting option profile to value high. –  luca Mar 6 at 9:15
Sorry we misunderstood, i think that profile parameters is only for libx264. And certainly, there miss something like this, in the configuration of the libx265 –  user3387182 Mar 6 at 13:44

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