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I am fixing an app of foursquare made before (in December 2011).

When I trying to logging in to my app via a browser with the authentication endpoint (see this), the message You've denied access to APP_NAME shows up after I input correct user name and password. How do I solve this?

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Hmm, if you refresh that /authenticate page, it should present you with our standard OAuth dialog with the ability to hit "Allow" –  octopi Mar 3 at 16:54
Here is the screenshot of logging-in. The program is running on Internet Explorer in Windows Mobile 5.0 emulator, and registered as Japanese app (uses ja.foursquare.com/oauth2/authenticate). Screenshot - log-in window (top) Screenshot - log-in window (inputting mail/pass) Screenshot - after inputting mail/pass –  H.Hiro Mar 4 at 1:20
Ahhhh... well unfortunately Foursquare isn't necessarily guaranteed to function on legacy browsers such as the one you're using. Can you try the same process in a modern browser and see if you can reproduce the same issue? It might be a user settings error, but I suspect it's just IE on WM5 that is doing something unexpected with forms. –  octopi Mar 4 at 4:00
I tried another browser (Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile) but the same message showed up. –  H.Hiro Mar 4 at 17:07
Perhaps it's something with Windows Mobile (or its SDK/WebView implementation) itself? Can you try it from a modern desktop browser? –  octopi Mar 4 at 21:29

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