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I am using looping in my code. I am aware that the loop breaks on the occurrence of first to as stated in Apache Camel: Route loop is lost when choice is added to the path

Now, I have a route definition in which I want to have the routing across different channels before the loop ends. For example :

.loop(simple("${header." + FILE_COUNT + "}"))


Is there any workaround for this kind of scenario as in my code only the first to gets executed after first iteration?

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Could you please rephrase your problem, I don't get it. –  Peter Mar 3 '14 at 20:57
Yeah, my problem is that in the first iteration, the routing is done as direct:file-iterator->direct:read-file-checksum->direct:file-unzip. But in the second iteration, only direct:file-iterator->direct:read-file-checksum path gets executed. –  saylee Mar 4 '14 at 7:23
You need to update the exchange before routing the message to "direct:file-iterator". –  Willem Jiang Mar 4 '14 at 7:43
didn't get you. What do you mean by updating the exchange? Did you mean to say I need to change the file count manually? –  saylee Mar 4 '14 at 8:01
can u put a log statement between read-file-checksum and fire-unzip. –  vikingsteve Mar 4 '14 at 14:24

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This route:

public void configure() {
       .log("CamelLoopIndex = ${header.CamelLoopIndex}")

       .log("  in file-iterator")

       .log("    in read-file-checksum");

       .log("    in direct:file-unzip");

Leads to following output:

[main] route1                         INFO  CamelLoopIndex = 0
[main] file-iterator                  INFO    in file-iterator
[main] route2                         INFO      in read-file-checksum
[main] route3                         INFO      in direct:file-unzip
[main] route1                         INFO  CamelLoopIndex = 1
[main] file-iterator                  INFO    in file-iterator
[main] route2                         INFO      in read-file-checksum
[main] route3                         INFO      in direct:file-unzip

This is what I would expect. If this route corresponds to your setup, then your problem is not a loop problem and you should have look into the direct:file-unzip route.

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