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My question can look stupid but I need to get in touch and get a decision. I want to pass parameters to url without the parameters being seen in the url. this is to secure my server. Because the url looks like this


and the '123' is the user ID in the database. I can simple do this

public function action_edit($id) {

Is it possible to hide the parameter while redirecting to this url from a view? ie in the view file

// Do something to set the ID
<?php Kohana_Request::post("user_id", $id); ?>
<a href="<?=URL::base()?>controller/edit">Click</a>

and get the ID like this

public function action_edit() {
    $id = $this->request->post("user_id");

But the problem I can't access the KOhana_Request instance and get this error

*Non-static method Kohana_Request::post() should not be called statically*

Can someone gives a secured approach to this ?

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I think I found a solution by encoding and decoding the parameters.

Since Kohana 3.3 do not allow parameters in controller functions see .

I do this in my view

$user_id = Encrypt::instance()->encode($liste->user_id);
$encode_id = base64_encode($user_id);
$encode_ure_id = urlencode($encode_id);

And from the controller,

$encoded_id = urldecode($this->request->param('uri_id'));
$encode_base_url = base64_decode($encoded_id);
$user_id = Encrypt::instance()->decode($encode_base_url);

If this can help others.

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