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I'm trying to test a cookbook that depends on three other local cookbooks. My directory structure looks like this:


My metadata file in the cookbook I'm trying to test (cookbook_test) simply has the other three cookbook dependencies mentioned like:

depends cookbook_dep1
depends cookbook_dep2
depends cookbook_dep3

However when running kitchen converge default-ubuntu-1204 I get the following:

[2014-03-03T18:05:13+00:00] ERROR: Cookbook cookbook_devp1 not found. If you're loading cookbook_devp1 from another cookbook, make sure you configure the dependency in your metadata       
[2014-03-03T18:05:13+00:00] FATAL: Chef::Exceptions::ChildConvergeError: Chef run process exited unsuccessfully (exit code 1)       

The only thing I could find online is that I should be using berkshelf. Is there no other way of referencing local cookbooks with test-kitchen only ?

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You have to put the dependencies into a directory named "cookbooks" (or "site-cookbooks") in the same directory where .kitchen.yml is. Or use Berkshelf or Librarian-Chef.

You could also try to just symlink the parent directory into "./cookbooks", but not sure if that would cause infinite recursion for some command.

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I don't see how that would work. According to opscode, a main repository should act as a container for all cookbooks, roles, databags and environment code. github.com/opscode/chef-repo explains this better. All my cookbooks are contained in a single repository that follows the structure defined by opscode. You're suggesting to put the .kitchen.yml file in the base of the repository and write a different kitchen suite for each type of converge I need to run (= additional kitchen.yml suite with it's own run list)? –  opsilosmetagialia Mar 4 at 15:03
The trend in a couple of years has been towards handling cookbooks as separate software project and repositories. Even Chef (formerly Opscode) has split their monolithic cookbooks repo to separate ones long ago. The "Chef repo" nowadays contains only roles etc, if even that. YMMV, but the general idea of test-kitchen is to help integration testing of one cookbook at a time, and use some dependency manager to fetch the other cookbooks. –  tmatilai Mar 5 at 7:25
It looks like we might have to refactor our project structure. Thank you. –  opsilosmetagialia Mar 5 at 13:35
Where are are roles and environments stored? A separate repository just for that? I can't seem to find it on the opscode org. –  opsilosmetagialia Mar 5 at 14:13
Yeah, you still need a separate "chef-repo" for those. Although some people go as far as implementing also roles and environments with cookbooks and put data bad data into cookbook attributes. YMMV. –  tmatilai Mar 5 at 20:37

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