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i accessing google cloud storage by blobstore api, I would like to generate file names automatically instead of create it in the server. actually i want to do that, because it is hard to me to create a unique file name every time the user upload file. thank you

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What language are you using? You should be able to create a UUID4 pretty easily. –  jterrace Mar 3 at 20:26
thank you for your fast response –  user3376321 Mar 3 at 20:55
-1 you replied two times and not provided the language or specific requirements. Make clear what you need. –  Jimmy Kane Mar 3 at 21:48
actually i am using python, and i think that uuid4 is a good solution,but i don't know how to assure that there is no duplications,i think that i should check if the file is existing every time i use uuid4 ,and if it is ! so i just generate another id ,what do you think ? –  user3376321 Mar 3 at 23:52

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If you are using Python you can simply use UUID to generate your random filenames like this:

import uuid


# with dashes
filename = uuid.uuid4()

# or without dashhes
filename = uuid.uuid4().hex
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thank you for your response –  user3376321 Mar 3 at 22:01

You can generate an organised file name simply by just by using either computer name and Internet clock time, with a Smart-Phone you can use GPS day time year and map coordinates like in the case of geotagging. Everything is unique and readily available on computer or mobile rather than leaving a server to name the file.

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