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I've been looking at the remove_action() call, which works for some elements, but I'm not sure it works for the CSS in the header. I could manually edit the place where the CSS is loaded, but I'd rather do it through a plugin.



these are hooks that supposedly work, but I can't seem to figure out how use remove_action() on the hooks.

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WordPress adds two default stylesheets (colors & wp-admin) to the admin area, you can deregister any stylesheet created by WordPress core, or any stylesheet created by a plugin using wp_deregister_style('stylesheet_registered_name'); the stylesheet name is its id="stylesheet-name" in the markup

to remove the 2 default admin stylesheets you can add something like the following code to your functions.php file or to a plugin.php file make sure to replace 'your' to a collision free prefix

    // this will remove the stylesheet when init fires
    // this is your function to deregister the default admin stylesheet
    function your_remove_default_stylesheets() {
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Okay, so after looking a little further into it you can also use the 'admin_enqueue_scripts' hook to fire your function. –  Jordan Skole Mar 2 '12 at 20:03

This covers removing actions for themes: Function Reference/remove action « WordPress Codex. Don't know how relevant it is for WP's admin area.

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I actually came up with a solution to this, after much searching and trial and error. To my knowledge, it's not in the WordPress codex anywhere, and when I brought it up in the WordPress IRC channels, some scoffed, as if the idea was just ridiculous. I'll try and document it later when I have a chance, but I'll start by saying it involves creating your own functions.php file in your theme, and adding several instances of wp_deregister_style(), as well as a wp_admin_css hook to override the default theme.

Interestingly, I could not get this fix to work in a plugin, which was alright for my purposes since I have a highly modified theme, but I could imagine people wanting to just do it with a simple plugin.

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