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I'm using Mean Stack and trying to use Prerender for SEO. So i followed the instructions and installed the prerender package and added this to the index.js:

// Start the app by listening on <port>
var port = process.env.PORT || config.port;

var prerender =
    require('prerender-node').set('prerenderServiceUrl', 'http://samura.pt:2999');

console.log('Express app started on port ' + port);

// Initializing logger
logger.init(app, passport, mongoose);

Now everytime i try any cached page like http://idealmovel.pt/?_escaped_fragment_= it still delivers the normal page, as you can see by deactivating the javascript on your browser. The prerender is installed otherwise it would show errors.

Am i missing something?

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All I needed to do was run:

npm install prerender-node --save

and add this line:

app.use(require('prerender-node').set('prerenderToken', 'your-token-here'));

Have a look at - https://prerender.io/getting-started

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The problem is that it never says where to add it. –  samura Mar 4 at 21:47

The solution was to move the prerender code from below the port definition to before the line:

require('./config/express')(app, passport, db);

Something happens in the middle that makes the prerender not to trigger.

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