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I have Passenger configured to support Rails apps in multiple VirtualHosts with differing versions of Ruby. I'd like a secondary way to detect the version of Ruby that is being provided to each app, to make sure that I got the configuration correct.

Is there a quick way to get a running Rails app to tell you what version of Ruby it sees itself running on? It doesn't have to be from the web side: I'm happy to ask the question from the server command-line if that's more straight-forward.

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Set PassengerLogLevel to 2. During spawning of an application, you should see a line that contains this:

>> ruby: ..path-to-ruby-interpreter...
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Ruby's Object defines the constant RUBY_VERSION. Check out Object's other RUBY_* constants, too, like RUBY_REVISION, RUBY_RELEASE_DATE, etc.

2.0.0-p353 :007 > Object.constants.grep /RUBY/
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This is good, but I was hoping for something that didn't require modifying the running app. –  Daniel Ashton Mar 3 at 23:52

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