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Here is my Cassandra schema, using Datastax Enterprise

CREATE KEYSPACE applications
  WITH replication = {'class': 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : 1};

USE applications;

  bucket text, 
  id timeuuid,
  app_id uuid,  
  event text, 
  PRIMARY KEY(bucket, id)

I want to FILTER in PIG by app_id (TimeUUID) and id (UUID), here is my Pig script.

events = LOAD 'cql://applications/events'
  USING CqlStorage()
  AS (bucket: chararray, id: chararray, app_id: chararray, event: chararray);

result = FOREACH events GENERATE bucket, id, app_id;
DESCRIBE result;
DUMP result;

Here is the result

result: {bucket: chararray,id: chararray,app_id: chararray}
(2014-02-28-04,?O]??4??p??M?,;??F? (|?Mb) \n
(2014-02-28-04,?V???4??p??M?,;??F? (|?Mb)

Notice, the app_id, and id fields are binary and I need to filter by some UUID, any suggestions?

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You need use a UDF to convert the binary bytes of UUID/TimeUUID to chararray. Don't try to define it as chararray directly like AS (bucket: chararray, id: chararray, app_id: chararray, event: chararray);

Or you can use https://github.com/cevaris/pig-dse/blob/master/src/main/java/com/dse/pig/udfs/AbstractCassandraStorage.java which convert UUID/TimeUUID to String

File a Cassandra ticket if you think it's good to convert UUID to string as default.

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Yup, you are right. The next issue I ran into is how trying to store the converted String UUID/TimeUUID back into a UUID/TimeUUID type. Since I was using CQL3 in Cassandra, there was a type check and it did not like the chararray version of the UUID/TimeUUID. I assume I would have to parse every chararray to see if it is a UUID/TimeUUID and convert it back before storing. I just ditched the UUID comparisons all together in Pig, and moved on. –  cevaris Mar 15 at 6:48

Was able to solve using a custom version of CQLStorage UDF Pig Loader. The issue was that Cassandras CQLStorage/CassandraStorage Pig loaders do not know how to handle UUID/TimeUUID types. I assume this happens for most non-standard data types. Anyways, here is the link to the coded solution on github.


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