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When I look at getting the nth element in haskell all I see is people referring to !! notation

How do I use it in a function, so far I have tried

module Main where
main :: IO ()
main =  do   
        let line = []   
        print $ listofints line 

listofints :: Int -> [Int]
listofints = \xs !! 2

I never seem to get the idea of how to use hoogle and also how to pass a list from main to a function

Any help will be much appriciated.

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How to use Hoogle:

You can see from Hoogle that the type of !! is

(!!) :: [a] -> Int -> a

!! takes a list of as and an Int as the index. Since there are parentheses around the function name, this means that !! is an infix operator, so we write that as

xs !! 3

Note that it can be treated as a prefix operator if we wrap it in parens:

(!!) xs 3

How to pass a list from main:

listofints doesn't take a list, it returns a list. So first, you need to fix the signature of listofints:

listofints :: [Int] -> Int
listofints xs = xs !! 2


listofints = \xs -> xs !! 2

or, in point-free style:

listofints = (flip (!!) 2)
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This is what I get when i change listofints function : Couldn't match type Int' with Int -> Int' Expected type: [Int -> Int] Actual type: [Int] –  rao Mar 4 at 0:00
I fixed my example, but you really need to read a Haskell tutorial. My function had the signature [Int]->Int->Int, which meant that it took a list and an Int and returned a Int. Now the signature is [Int]->Int which means it does not take an index argument. –  Eric Mar 4 at 0:03
yay I was able to figure it out with your help :) –  rao Mar 4 at 0:04

Your problem is not with the !! operator; it's with defining a function, declaring its type, and also apparently with writing a list.

Here's how you use the !! operator:

items = [1,2,3,4]
secondItem = items !! 2
-- secondItem will be the number 3

I'll leave the rest of getting the program correct up to you.

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