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Trying to migrate VSS projects to TFS 2013.

Initially I used the Upgrad Wizard to migrate my entire VSS to TFS.

But the way the project structure is created in TFS by default, I decided to move my projects using the command-line utility: VSSUpgrade, which gives a bit more control over which VSS folders I map to which TFS projects.

I tried with just two projects. One - my class library project which worked fine but with my Website project, it did not transfer the images under the /images folder.

I just wonder for some reason TFS marked those images as migrated when I did the first time using Wizard and ignored the second time.

I ran the command again and it said nothing to migrate.

Checking in changes

Verification of pinned versions: No change was required (No fixes required. A pinned versions migrated successfully) Verification of latest tip versions: No change was required (No fixes require All latest tip versions were migrated successfully)

Started: Creating label "Pinned_Latest". Finished: Creating label "Pinned_Latest".

Migration complete. Migrated 0 Actions Warnings 12 and Errors 0 Post migration report file: migration_Analysis.xml

Any ideas?? Can I force migration of a particular folder?

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