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I have 6 members in my team in my office. Now I am working in a VB.NET project. Anybody can tell me how can I share this project within my team?

I want to have only one project folder in my server. I want all my other members will work from this server's project folder. This is possible in VB.NET?

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ozcecho is right...but, there are many options out there. No need in re-inventing the wheel though, check out a question already on SO discussing source control for small teams:

Visual Studio 2008 source control for small teams

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Its not a question of VB.Net. What you need is a source control system. Something like Subversion (svn) or if you must Visual Source Safe.

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Is Visual Source Safe is workable in VB.NET? –  Tareq Feb 7 '10 at 5:38

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