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I am building a RESTful service exposed over HTTP. For the implementation I need to query from a database and also need to invoke other REST services. Does it make sense to implement this service using a reactive framework (implementations in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reactor_pattern)?

Currently the service is implemented in Java Tomcat and a standard JDBC driver is used to connect to the database. The problems that exist are:

  1. Invoking remote services causes the server resources like threads to wait for IO. This seems to be a natural fit for async/reactive.
  2. Currently we are hitting constraints on the number of database connections. Part of the problem is that database transactions are kept alive for the duration of the request with multiple queries being executed per request. I would expect that async here would force the multiple smaller transactions needing to rethink the architecture but at the same time smaller transactions should make the system more responsive.

Let me know if my assumptions above are correct and of any other architectural implications.

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